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    What is

    and why you need to know it?

    Google Ads allows you to get in front of customers when they are searching online for businesses like yours from a computer, tablet or smartphone. Only pay for results, like visits to your website or calls to your business.

    Who needs to know Google Ads?


    Get tangible results:

    • Invest your budget intelligently.
    • Take your ads to where your audience is
    • Quickly increase your traffic and sales.
    • Achieve your business goals with any budget.
    • Generate short and long term attraction strategies.

    Take advantage of the best market opportunities:

    • Become a creator of successful advertising strategies.
    • Position yourself as a specialist and increase your value.
    • Expand your work horizon.
    • Learn in a few days what would have taken years of practice.

    Take the first step to your dream job:

    • Exploit your creativity in different channels and formats.
    • Give your CV the necessary experience to stand out from other professionals.
    • Enter one of the areas with the greatest development of digital marketing.
    • Make your way to the leading companies.

    What are the main benefits of taking a Google Ads course?

    The program and facilitator take students from beginner to expert level, providing the knowledge and practice to get the results that matter to your business.

    • Learn about key aspects of SEM marketing and PPC advertising.
    • Effectively advertise your brand, products or services online.
    • Drive website visits, get more phone calls and increse store visits.
    • Manage you own campaigns professionally, effectively and without incurring in costly mistakes.
    • Learn the right techniques to reach a larger audience, paying less.
    • Show you ads on other sites like Google Maps, Google Shopping, Yahoo! and Bing.

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    Learn how to show up when people search for what you offer and set a budget that works for your business.

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    Workshop Program

    • Complete intensive program.
    • 100% practical training.
    • Updated advanced contents.
    • Own structure and methodology.
    • Work on your own project, brand or product.
    • Laboratory and analysis of real case studies.
    • Simulation test.

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