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    Do you already know what Facebook Ads is?

    If you are an internet user, then you know: Facebook is the king of social media. In Canada, the network has more than 20 millions users of all genders, age, and status.

    Facebook is also the undisputed leader in digital marketing as it represents the second main source of online advertising, only after Google. Any brand, agency or professional business that wants to get good results in social networks, should start here.

    Facebook Ads is an advertising platform that allows companies and people to advertise and manage campaigns to promote their products, services, online store, events, apps and more.

    What are you waiting for! Take your brand today to the largest and most effective social network.

    What are the benefits of advertising on Facebook

    We give you 7 reasons why you should advertise on Facebook:

    • Scope. Fanpages that do not advertise, only reach 5% of their followers.
    • It is easier to use than Google.
    • It has a more effective segmentation. You decide exactly who sees your advertising.
    • Wide variety of ad formats. Dynamic, attractive and impressive.
    • You have programming tools to easily manage your campaigns.
    • Effective measurement. You know precisely the performance, impact and results of each ad.
    • You can link your campaigns to your Instagram account.

    In our Facebook Ads workshop you will learn to:

    Understand how the platform works

    Know its elements, success factors and apply best practices.

    Create ads with any budget

    Whether you are a small business or a large company, we teach you to pay less for each click and get the best results.

    Make successful campaigns

    Take advantage of all the options offered by Facebook to attract customers and sell.

    Measure and optimize

    Keep track of your results and analyze them to make improvements.

    Why take a workshop in Facebook Ads

    The Facebook Workshop by Bind will give you the knowledge and tools to create effective ads on the number 1 social network. Enter a comprehensive learning program, which will take you from the basics to expert level!

    Advantages of the Facebook Ads Workshop with Bind

    Get the necessary knowledge to develop marketing strategies and execute PPC advertising campaigns as an expert:

    • Acquire the knowledge of expert and active professionals.
    • Know the best practices and success stories.
    • Learn in days what would have taken you years.
    • Successfully promote your company or business on the Internet.
    • Join the industry, enrich your experience and boost your career.

    Do you think this workshop is just what you need?

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    Who should advertise on Facebook

    Community managers, bloggers and influencers, small businesses and entrepreneurs, digital marketing professionals and everyone responsible for digital marketing campaigns. Facebook Ads is the ideal platform for all those who wish:

    • Strengthen your presence in this network.
    • Get tangible results in your ad campaigns.
    • Offer new services to customers.
    • Sell ​​your products or services.
    • Attract the best prospects.
    • Promote your organization, event or cause.

    Facebook Ads Workshop

    We provide you with all the elements to train you and put into practice what you have learned.

    • Complete intensive program (40 hrs.)
    • Face-to-face modality.
    • 100% practical workshop.
    • Updated advanced contents.
    • Own structure and methodology.
    • Work on your own project, brand or product.
    • Laboratory and analysis of real case studies.
    • Simulation test.

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    About the instructor

    Héctor Lopez

    I am an entrepreneur who has faced the different adversities of launching a small company and who knows how difficult it is to generate sales for your business. In 2013, I decided to learn about Google and I got an official Certification, which led me to understand how to generate a positive ROI to any company. I have given myself the task of sharing it with other companies for positive results. Let's learn and grow together.